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Deets On Capitalism: Stop Playing The Game

Deets On Capitalism: Stop Playing The Game



Stop playing the game.

Take a minute. Step back. Collect your thoughts.

Take a look and realize the truth of the situation:

Capitalism has stolen everything from us.

Our health.

Our loved ones.

Our happiness.

Our dignity.

Our planet.

Our simple base humanity.

Capitalism has stolen all of this from us.

And our only play left is to simply stop playing.

Stop. Playing. The. Game.

Stop playing the game and recollect your dignity.

Stop playing the game and find your confidence.

Stop playing the game and find your… self.

Capitalism has clouded our minds with all of this empty noise so that we can’t think.

Capitalism has filled our life with collective waste so that we can’t see.

Capitalism has evaded our relationships so that our employer trumps our loved ones.

Capitalism has… Lied.

Capitalism has lied and lied and lied.

Capitalism gave us these empty promises of empty consumerism.

A big house. A fast car. A bloated boat.

Nice clothes. Fancy dinners.

Empty words of platitude to give us a dopamine boost from people who actually want you dead.

Is that really how we measure success?

Is that really how we want to define ourselves?

A meaningless rat race that just gets us dead… alone?

No loved ones. No meaningful relationships. Nothing of true meaning.

It’s all just so… so… shallow.

Where is the creativity?

Where is the art?

Where is the innovation?

Capitalism can’t offer us any of that. Capitalism is ill equipped to address our modern challenges.

Capitalism is unable to address our modern challenges because Capitalism has created our modern challenges.

Capitalism can’t solve hunger.

Capitalism can’t solve houselessness.

Capitalism can’t solve ill-health.

Capitalism can’t solve climate-suicide.

When the only agenda is the almighty dollar, humanity is sacrificed.

And when we lose our humanity, we’re just a pack of rats killing one another over table crumbs.

Where is the hope?

Where is the vision?

Where is the… future?

There is none. There simply is none to be found.

Call me a socialist. Call me a communist.

I don’t care what label you assign to me.

I am a Humanitarian.

And when Humanity is the agenda, everything changes.

When our drive is to better ourselves and to better our species…

Well… The dollar just doesn’t seem as important all of a sudden.

Who cares about a big house or a big boat when you see people rise from nothing to find meaning?

Who cares about an inflated bank account when you see a hungry child finally fed?

Who cares about a high title job when you see a family no longer working themselves to the bone to keep a roof over their head and food on the table?

When you see that family finally have time for game night?

When you see that family finally have time for conversation?

When you see that family bond and grow and become a supportive structure?

None of what Capitalism is matters.

It doesn’t matter because it’s empty. It’s shallow. It offers nothing to the human experience.

Universal healthcare matters.

Universal education matters.

Universal income matters.

Universal housing matters.

These universal concepts matter because they offer everything to the human experience.

These concepts offer everything because they offer the one thing Capitalism steals:


Universal healthcare means more time on this planet to spend with loved ones.

Universal education means being able to communicate and empathize with loved ones.

Universal income means being able to enjoy experience with loved ones.

Universal housing means being sheltered with loved ones.

On the cold nights.

On the wet nights.

When outside is not so inviting, universal housing means being warm and protected with the ones we love.

These concepts matter. These tenets matter. These values matter.

The time to set aside Capitalism is now.

The time to embrace change is now.

The time to embrace hope is now.

The time to envision a future is now.

Because if we don’t know, we won’t have another opportunity.

So, again, I say… I plead… I beg…

Stop. Playing. The. Game.


And here’s how: Six Steps to a Human Utopia


#WeThePeople #MBASocialist




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